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“JingPin Concept Store” Eyeglasses x Coffee


While walking down Zhongzheng road in Yuanlin City, you may see a sign that shows “Eyeglasses x Coffee” on it, and with bright red telephone booth in front of the store. The store is right next to the Zhongzheng road Post Office, the Good Appetite Pepper Pie, and across from Yuanlin City Farmers Association.


Also, the store put a road sign in front of their store to guide their customers how to get to the parking lot and the train station.


Went in to the store, it is a optical shop, but they also sell coffee. 1F is optical shop and 2F is Café.  


When you go upstairs, you will be amazed by the decorating. They use British style as setting. They even sell some British style items in their display cabinet.


They even put a big teddy bear on one side sits, so it can keep you company while waiting for coffee or getting eye testing.


The café can hold around 19 people, includes the bar counter and sofa area.


The cake cabinet will display the desserts and fruits that they have for today.


And behind the bar counter, there is a big “JP” logo. They also put up some British pictures on the wall to gain the exotic atmosphere.


When you go upstairs to JP café, the staff will offer you a glass of water.


Following is the Menu, Coffee, drinks, custard, and pancakes are all around NTD70-NTD160. They won’t charge any extra service fee, and they even have receipt for you.


Since is my first time here, I have no idea what to order, so I ordered the coffee that is name by the store “JP Coffee”. The price is NTD70. It is the combination of honey and black coffee. I thought it would be bitter but surprisingly it tasted very smooth. Maybe because the honey made the coffee taste better. It tasted pretty similar to “Americano coffee.

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